10 Reasons to make that jump into LinkedIn publishing

Here are reasons – 10 of them – why doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs should have a social media mindset, publish outside of the corporate website. Why bother? to earn referrals and stay top of mind. Most of us Google a name or company first and guess what?! LinkedIn is normally a page one return, even the top spot in some cases.

Did I mention that LinkedIn self-publishing is free, just be sure to add keywords into your headline.

  1. Positions you as a professional with authority elsewhere online and offline. Blogging professionals who are regularly cited and whose commentary is regularly shared establish themselves as trusted and reliable authorities.
  2. Clients hire you, not websites. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor or CEO, you become known for your experience, knowledge, and influence. Your name gets ranked via social media, not content inside a website. LinkedIn integrates well with internet algorithms – so you’re adding SEO to your name, earning recogition before your competition does.
  3. Positive proof demonstrating your knowledge that comes with independent publication. Like authoring a book, a good, independent article gives a career coach instant credibility.
  4. 86% of people do not trust advertising, and a website can be viewed as advertising. A website is important, but it’s promotional in nature. A LinkedIn article is a publication offering insight and commentary, commanding authority and trust.
  5. Shared on social media by peers who know your work. Content moves socially today from person to person via established trust. Your LinkedIn content can be viewed via search or through social “shares.”
  6. You have passion for what you do. Good LinkedIn updates written by you is fun, rewarding, the source of positive feedback, and a door to meeting countless people. You don’t stop doing what you enjoy. You get better at it.
  7. Interviews. It’s a snap to send three or four questions to an influencer or someone you want to engage and post their answers within your published article. Not possible with a website, right?
  8. “Must-read publication.” When was the last time you heard an industry leader, in-house counsel, agency head or colleague say that’s a must-read website? Social shares of your content are powerful and provide SEO for your name and area of specialty.
  9. Search engine performance on a subject using keywords will boost relevant published articles, done by you. LinkedIn posts offered outside your website are out-performing similar content published inside a website. Use hashtags too. #DentalLabs, for example.
  10. It’s easy to get lost. But there is no refuting the business success, and reinvigorated referrals, from good LinkedIn content to get better outcomes.


D. B. Wienke is CEO of LinkedInClub.com and is a former F500 executive in sales and marketing. #LinkedInProfile #LinkedInCoach #LinkedInAdvertising #LinkedInClub

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