5 reasons LinkedIn improves CEOs’ social reputation premium

LinkedIn has continued to win the social media preference for senior leadership over the last few years. The research from Weber Shandwick finds that eight in 10 CEOs (80 percent) are now engaged online via social media, a rate which has more than doubled since Weber Shandwick first began tracking the social activities of CEOs. For example, Marillyn Hewson is the top leader at Lockheed Martin who publishes on LinkedIn regularly.

Here is why I think senior executives have finally arrived on LinkedIn

Since the December 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft has launched powerful tools to showcase thought leadership to speak to millions, not hundreds. This new era of engagement is powerful and swift to cultivate and educate your target audience(s) in real-time. You can post a short LinkedIn update or write a long-form LinkedIn article to convey your opinion with feedback from those who comment or like what you wrote. Since 2016, CEO.com research indicates that LinkedIn is the preferred n

Today, the value of an executive’s public-facing persona cannot be overestimated. Many believe that executive leadership’s online engagement will continue as a social mandate, contributing even more to the corporate reputation and value, even attracting investors according to WeberShandwick’s recent study.

Executives who embrace online can share their company story and connect with broader networks of stakeholders than ever before. According to Forbes, LinkedIn is the top choice for social media-savvy executives. Don’t neglect one of the most powerful (and free) social platforms, outpacing any other sites because decision-makers prefer LinkedIn. One out of three adults is visiting LinkedIn, estimated at 76% of executives checking in daily.

Why take time as busy as you are?

  1. You may find individuals who would be a perfect fit for an advisory board position, mentoring project or a seat on your board of directors.
  2. Manage the demands for your time. Someone wants to meet with you to pitch a service or a group wants you to speak at an event. Is that person or group relevant to your needs? Are they legitimate? Are they a good contact for you? LinkedIn makes it easy to check them out before committing.
  3. Meet the customer where they live which is increasingly on social media. CEOs are missing an opportunity if they aren’t connecting with stakeholders to improve their social premium.
  4. Share your vision; share your voice to personalize your brand to many, not just a few.
  5. Gain insight. Connect with colleagues and peers; consider linking up with alumnae from your leadership academic institutions. Learn how others approach new markets, revamp processes, and resolve problems. You can also use it to find funding, question industry experts, and draw on the collective knowledge of your trusted connections and their connections.

It’s easy to earn a social premium with LinkedIn’s elite professional who earns $100k annually and has 25 years of career experience, on average.

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