Best Kept Secret! Who wants #LinkedIn Business Premium at a discount?

Not only is #LinkedIn Learning an advantage for increasing your knowledge in hundreds of different categories but it also offers a discounted rate for the #LinkedInBusinessPremium subscription. How cool is that?

With LinkedIn Learning, you will view modules from recognized experts who offer a wide range of options for learning:

  1. How to build your business with specific tools on LinkedIn
  2. How to become certified in an area of expertise
  3. Recommendations to improve your public speaking 
  4. And hundreds more

The best part is that these LinkedIn Learning  modules are free, yes, FREE. 

For beginners and even senior leaders, LinkedIn Learning is a platform that allows you to expand your knowledge and expertise. By using LI Learning, others will be able to see your dedication to your business vertical since ‘Licenses and Certificates’ are displayed on your #LinkedInprofile. 

Here is the bonus

By using LI Learning, #LinkedIn will offer you a premium subscription deal like no other. 

The cost is * First Month Free * for the trial period; then the second and subsequent months are only $40.00/month; otherwise, the customary fee is $80/month if you don’t use this workaround. 

You will be asked to place a credit card on file and remember to make a note to cancel 5 days before billing begins for your second month, if you choose not to continue.

LinkedIn guarantees that premium members on average receive 6x more profile views than free accounts. With premium, you can observe who and when someone is taking a look at your profile. Anyone who is glancing at your profile will be tagged with how you were located via a search, homepage, etc. And these professionals may be vetting you for a business purpose.

These professionals may be colleagues, prospects or future clients – good to know, right?

You can reach out using InMail which allows you to send a “free” message to someone who is not within your network of connections. There are a limited number of InMails per month but you are able to purchase additional ones if you run short.

Relationships matter and networking like you mean it will always build a strategic approach to using LinkedIn properly. 

Use to schedule an appointment with an expert.