Bewildered with the new user interface for LinkedIn? The Power of One Conversation in 4 Easy $teps

Updated: May 5, 2017

There are 500+ million interested professionals on LinkedIn, some who have tinkered with their profile but not attracted the right connections. Some have amassed sizable networks but haven’t earned new business. The idea that someone knows you, trusts you, and works with you, is not new. It’s 1,000 years old, but it still works. What would happen to your revenues….if you became disciplined and dedicated time each work day? Double digit increases probably to your gross revenue contribution.

Just One…

  • Conversation can transform your profession.
  • Connection can lead to steady referrals.
  • Decision to follow a thought leader can change your opinion.
  • LinkedIn profile tweak can change how others perceive you.

One Good Thing

Many people come to me bewildered with their fruitless efforts because their approach has not been strategic. Online networking is a new paradigm, one that is easily within reach.

1. Know what you’re there to do.

Just set and prioritize your objectives and we can define the best route for achieving them and steadily advance toward that first good thing. If you want more referrals, then you will want to connect with those people of influence who may send potential clients your way.

2. Stay the course (not an overnight thing).

Don’t think that an occasional visit to LinkedIn will reap immediate results. Become accountable to yourself and work it every day in every way. Your peers – those who understood this axiom – are not so far ahead of you. Make the conscious effort to participate to trade your time for the privilege of staying relevant. There will be far-reaching implications as long as you continue your online activity consistently with purpose.

3. Envision your outcome before you invest loads of time.

Do you want to be a thought leader for the legal profession? Start with that endgame in mind and set your rules of engagement with respect to your profile, your activity and your network. In business, particularly social business, you will want to steadily communicate your insight and readily share your expertise.

4. Amplify with your employees engagement.

If your company has many professionals engaged with LinkedIn, your brand will stay top-of-mind since more of you (rather than fewer of you) are demonstrating value with your activity. Word-of-mouth has maintained its relevance within social media because one insight, one connection, one activity has influenced the entire network of like-minded professionals. It starts with one (Is that you?) who wants to make a difference in their business.

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