Executive Job Search: How to Get Hired in under 3 months

She was a former SVP who was squeezed out due to a PE acquisition of her company. How did she land her new position in under 3 months?

💡She commented daily demonstrating her expertise and knowledge, raising her ranking with the LinkedIn algorithms.

💡She attended webinars of interest and was intrigued with one top presenter.

💡She wrote a brief note to this top presenter and politely asked to meet up.

💡She met with the top presenter for coffee which turned into an informal interview.

💡She accepted the offer as the #2 leader who will be mentored over time to rise into the CEO position.

Key takeaways:

🔉 Skip the time-consuming process of following the herd.

🔉 Go where the leaders are.

🔉 Try the highly personable approach and be authentic.