How to earn trust from your #LinkedIn network of connections by D. B. Wienke

Websites don’t refer; people do. But how do you earn their trust on #LinkedIn? Four quick suggestions for you!

If 1 out of 3 adults is visiting LinkedIn daily, you want to stay visible and create traction with your connections by offering insights from your expertise.

1. Comment on their content with insightful remarks, drawn from your area of expertise. Your activity is then shared with their network of connections.

2. Share their content with your own network, adding in your 2 cents of why it’s important for your connections to invest their time in reading the original post.

These people are your first-degree connections and have come to respect your comments as authentic and helpful.

3. Attract an invite. Your expertise is on display and usually sparks a conversation with a new professional who is like-minded.

What you write may resonate with a new reader and spark an invitation to connect.

4. Ask a question that encourages a response. Your reader starts thinking about an opinion; maybe they agree or have a different point of view — stimulate your reader.

One example might be”How have you dealt with this issue at your company?”

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