How to get more of your LinkedIn invites accepted

Since the Microsoft acquisition, LinkedIn has encouraged you to upsize your network of connections with some new tools. One of these tools is auto-generated professionals who match others already in your own network. LinkedIn terms this group as “People you may know.” You’ll see them under your network tab in the top menu bar.

Should I click to add them? That depends.

1.    When you click the “connect button” beneath their image, there isn’t a customizable invite message and an automated connect message will be sent. Your netiquette is off – you know to always personalize why your invitation is worthwhile from their point of view.

2.    Take the time to click on their profile and decide if this professional is right for your network, read through their LinkedIn sections and customize your invite from the profile page, if they are the right fit.

3.    Those people who are building a large network would skip the advice given above in #1. And they will probably click on the connect button. Why? Because they want to ramp up a uber-large network, trying to hook you with a promotional offer down the road.

Is a bigger network really better?

Nope. Your LinkedIn network is rather useless when professionals don’t know you well at all. Here’s why: I ask you for an introduction to someone in your network and you are unable to help because there isn’t a foundation between the strangers in your network and you.

  • The fundamental purpose of networking with others is based upon sharing something in common. #LinkedInStrategy
  • It takes time to build a strategic network of valuable people who may one day become the juggernaut to an unexpected opportunity. It’s happened to me and was incredibly rewarding but…it didn’t happen overnight.

1.Getting people to accept your LinkedIn invites. Make sure your invite has a straightforward and, ideally, mutually beneficial reason for connecting. Take a personal interest in them and read through their entire profile FIRST and find the good reason to merge networks with one another.

2. Some people are unaware about the power of LinkedIn’s platform and never check in. The person you’re trying to connect with might be open to your invite but just doesn’t use LinkedIn as often as you do. Don’t take it personally when your invite is ignored. Be patient — one of my invites was accepted 6 months later.

3. Never, ever sell something in your invite. Too many of us have become wary of the person who sends an invite and pitches a product that you never asked or wanted to know about. Know me, like me, trust me, right?

4. Is your LinkedIn profile polished up and current? If your profile lacks a photo, offers minimal experience, contains limited connections, and no signs of interaction from others (like recommendations or endorsements), it’s definitely less likely that people will accept your invitation to connect. They simply won’t know much about who you are. Fix your profile with these easy steps.

Remember, your network of LinkedIn connections will take time. I schedule an appointment within my calendar to stay consistently on this task.

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