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5 days ago

Best Kept Secret! Who wants #LinkedIn Business Premium at a discount?Not only is #LinkedIn Learning an advantage for increasing your knowledge in hundreds of different categories but it also offers a discounted rate for the #LinkedInBusinessPremium subscription. How cool is that?With LinkedIn Learning, you will view modules from recognized experts who offer a wide range of options for learning.For beginners and even senior leaders, LinkedIn Learning is a platform that allows you to expand your knowledge and expertise. By using LI Learning, #LinkedIn will offer you a premium subscription deal like no other. The cost is * First Month Free * for the trial period; then the second and subsequent months are only $40.00/month; otherwise, the customary fee is $80/month if you don't use this workaround. Relationships matter and networking like you mean it will always build a strategic approach to using LinkedIn properly. Use to schedule an appointment with an expert. #linkedin #linkedinlearning #learning #linkedinpremium #florida #westpalmbeach #executivecoaching #tiptuesday #tuesday #subscription ...
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1 week ago

It’s a book about change, something on our agendas for 2021. ⠀Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point is an examination of the social epidemics that surround us.⠀In particular, it’s a book that presents a new way of understanding why change often happens as quickly and as unexpectedly as a sneeze. Small, barely noticeable changes will amass into a powerful trend.⠀New ideas or new business solutions emerge – like outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic, out of nowhere and at mach speed.⠀The flattening of the competitive landscape is a social epidemic, don’t you think? Malcolm Gladwell thinks so.⠀In today’s dynamic economy, anybody can wake up in the morning with an idea, design a product online, get bids to manufacture it, crowdsource the financing needed, promote it and arrange shipping – in the cloud—all without ever getting up from the kitchen table.⠀And here is my main point: Industries have become boundless and permeable. Competitive threats and transformative opportunities can come from anywhere.⠀Will you have the right tribe to strategically coalesce the right people to anticipate or respond to your next tipping point? ...
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