Is your LinkedIn profile attracting the right viewers?

Many clients tell me that their LinkedIn profiles aren’t attracting the right recruiter.

And here is why: skeletal profiles exist for too many high-powered executives.

Your LinkedIn profile may be a page 10 return in a keyword search and since 2009, I have worked with thousands of top leaders to fix that. Here is social proof that my client was bombarded with recruiter views as my graphic demonstrates.

Simply by having a stellar LinkedIn profile, you are more likely to invite increased profile views. Why? Because people are using LinkedIn as a filter to determine who’s worth their time – and who’s not.

Since the Covid pandemic hit corporate America, many leaders have been burdened with impossible work assignments, tight deadlines, demoralizing organizational changes and even reduced compensation.

Are you a stealth job seeker or active one, looking for a new career opportunity, even transitioning to a new vertical?

Let’s schedule a discovery call if you want to hire an expert.

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