LinkedIn Company Page Optimization

Plain and simple, it’s hard to interpret what to write about yourself. You second guess what to include on your LinkedIn profile because isn’t it a replica of your resume?

Positively no, it is not.

In fact, we do both ATS-compliant resumes and LinkedIn profile optimizations for executives and mid-career professionals.

What’s the difference?

Your one and only LinkedIn profile has the potential to reach a broader audience than your resume. In practice, we balance the opportunity of tailoring your LinkedIn profile for your ideal client base or for attracting executive recruiters. Your profile gets more views with our help (and we have social proof to back this up.)

One LinkedIn profile, multiple resumes.

Thanks to the internet, applying for a new position has become easier than ever. Or has it? Have you experienced the frustration of applying to several job postings and the silence is deafening?

What changed dramatically is that Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software is sifting, sorting, and scoring each applicant’s resume with that particular job position, using machine learning and AI.

Want to improve your chances with the resume bots? We can and do so all the time for our clients. Either you leave the heavy lifting to us or you learn how to modify your resume to hit the magic threshold of 80% keyword matching between your resume and the job posting.

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