LinkedIn for Lawyers: Build a legal legacy, earn referrals

You are invisible to the professional universe if you’re not active on LinkedIn.

Your referrals come from people, not websites. And LinkedIn has your solution to ethically build your legacy, right now and earn referrals. Any time of day. Here is a LinkedIn lawyer sample that as a guide.

LinkedIn is the de facto online directory for finding professionals of all kinds. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is for connecting with new professionals you’d like to meet and keep in touch with—clients and referral sources. Good people who reflect your own principles. At 500MM+ LinkedIn users, one out of every 3 adults is checking their LinkedIn account daily, usually on the mobile app. See the 5 takeaways at the conclusion of this post.

Relationships are what defines us as individuals and determine the success of our business. But, it only works as a referral tool if you use it. Don’t just create a LinkedIn profile but demonstrate your knowledge through your activity of posts and shares.

Your optimized LinkedIn profile is a first page return on Google because…LinkedIn adds SEO (search engine optimization) for your profile. Without your spending a cent. How great is that?!

At lunch one day, a client was asked for a referral in commercial litigation who used her LinkedIn app — offering up a few specific attorney names on the spot.

How to build a LinkedIn profile that is a magnet to your perfect reader?

After you build your profile, devise a plan about what and when to post. Think about what is important to your network. Share your legal knowledge and nurture those important relationships.

The key is to provide valuable insight that others will want to read. Post links to articles or books you’ve written and give them away for free. Post a link of a webinar your firm sponsored and give it away for free. Give it all away. More and more interaction occurs with your network and the referrals will follow tenfold.

5 Takeaways

  1. Create a complete profile. Click here to learn more what should be included.You easily can demonstrate your character and your moral qualities distinctively as a highly respected attorney.
  2. Seek recommendations. When your clients are delighted with the outcome of a case or completion of a deal, at that moment, ask them to visit your profile and make a recommendation. This is a testimonial, which is very powerful marketing.
  3. Add skills. Even if you’re not board-certified, any lawyer is permitted to list their areas of specialization which adds SEO to your personal profile. The Bar relaxed the regs in 2014, in case you didn’t know.
  4. From your home page, start a discussion. These online discussions are important and give you a chance to demonstrate your expertise. Pick a hot topic of the day and ask for opinions. By starting a discussion, you are positioning yourself as a leader.
  5. Build up your connections. Whenever you speak with clients, referral sources, prospects, or new people, ask for their permission to invite them to connect to you on LinkedIn.

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