Never shared before: How to write an optimized About section for your #LinkedIn profile

Daily searches for “vetting” professionals are conducted on LinkedIn, more than a billion searches with 750+ million members who may be active daily. During those searches for professionals like you, there are precious seconds spent on your profile before moving to the next one. It is three seconds, to be precise.

This outline is written for maximum appeal of your career credentials to engage and retain your LinkedIn viewer within your #LinkedInAbout section.  


  1. Unique Value Proposition – what results you get for whom and why your services are different / better
  2. Top 2 – 3 client or corporate challenges and how you solve them + proof points
  3. Over time, we have worked with # of professionals / companies with these results
  4. Story telling of a recent success to support #2 above
  5. Describe the individual (client, prospect, recruiter) that you’d like to attract
  6. Geography most important to you
  7. Keywords / phrases that you think might be good (these exist within resume, can look there)
  8. Call-to-Action by your reader
    1. Example:  anything you can offer to induce their interest / nurture their trust?
    2. Call me anytime at (xxx)xxx-xxxx

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