The Secret Revealed: How to Land Your Dream Job within the Hidden Job Market

95% of job applications never make it past the ruthless resume bots.…so if you’re applying, applying, and applying to jobs for which you perfectly match the qualifications
…yet you still hear nothing but crickets.
…here’s the answer to that!

The Hidden Job Market

If you need a job yesterday, you probably don’t want to count on this technique as your number one way to land a new gig.

What makes this successful is that there may be zero competition for the position. This “hidden job” overview is for employed professionals and recent MBA graduates.

  1. Set aside three months to give yourself enough time to research your dream companies.
  2. Polish up your personal brand.
  3. And network like you mean it. In person and online is the best approach. Make a list of who can help you and be clear what you’ll ask each one to do on your behalf. Pleasantly, of course.
  4. Figure out who the decision makers are at your target companies and how to draw the straightest line possible between you and them. Holiday receptions open up the opportunity at creating a personal relationship and nurturing it into a business discussion, later on.

You can research the department head of your dream team (use LinkedIn) and attend the same industry event they’ve posted about, armed with a plan around what you’ll say.

Or comment on a recent LinkedIn post written by this person; naturally, you’ll be sharing a significant, meaningful remark, use @name to capture her/his attention within your comment which may prompt a potential response back to you.

If you’ve ever wondered how some peple seem to know about opportunities that haven’t been posted, now you know their secret.

The hidden job market isn’t actually hidden at all. With a strategy and some persistence, it can be found for your next gig.

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