Twelve Days of LinkedIn-mas: Tips for Rocking LinkedIn

This year, we could all use some extra Christmas cheer.

Over the last few weeks we have been celebrating the “12 Days of LinkedIn-mas” with some of my most closely held LinkedIn tips for increasing engagement, enhancing your profile, and ultimately ROCKING #LinkedIn.

As an early Christmas gift, I have organized all twelve days into this article for you to reference as you gear up for 2021:

On the first day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the key to sharing with your network.

Share your leadership observations by publishing from your personal LinkedIn page as a thought leader. LinkedIn encourages discussion and engagement among your 1st AND 2nd level network of connections. Your content can help you get noticed outside of your direct circle of influence.

On the second day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the power of comments.

Commenting on posts is better for the LinkedIn algorithm than liking. Sharing a post WITH a comment is best practice because your network gets to witness the depth of your insights on content that is a part of the current conversation. And your photo, name and headline are attached to your written comment.

On the third day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the benefit of connection.

Connect with professionals within several strategic verticals based on your current career goals or plans including: peers, former and current colleagues, contacts from your education, current customers, ideal customers, and strategic alliances within similar businesses or industries.

Larger networks work better as long as you include the right professionals. An introductory, brief conversation with every new connection is a great networking technique.

On the fourth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the hidden value of your degree.

Make use of university searches to find alumni to add to your LinkedIn network. You can either select your own undergraduate or graduate institution, or another higher education of your choosing. Sharing a similar alma mater experience can be a great way to build your network strategically or get your foot in the door at a company you are interested in.

On the fifth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the secret strength of keywords.

Optimize your own profile with keywords in the right places. Many executives have skeletal profiles which are simply a restatement of their bio – use all the sections available to convey your persona as a leader. Search engines (especially Google) will return a search with your name as a first page result when optimized with the right descriptions.

Not sure which keywords to include? Here are some good ones:

On the sixth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the roadmap to hit next year’s donation goals.

Ask your board of directors on LinkedIn to participate in activities to advance board directives for fund-raising or for recruitment of volunteers. Nurture conversations with donors, engage future board members or share cause-related information to gain traction among others.

On the seventh day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the way to deepen relationships.

Introduce synergistic relationships between two leaders within your network, using LinkedIn messaging to build rapport and pave the way for improved relationships. Helping your network connect is a great way to get where you’re going.

Many professionals aren’t aware that group messaging is a feature within the instant messaging page. Each person must be within your first degree level to make the introduction.

On the eight day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the value of good leadership.

Help your subordinates by being the gateway for them to formulate relationships at lower levels with outside organizations since you are connected to the top leader.

On the ninth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the importance of a good LinkedIn page.

People don’t follow websites — ask your team to fortify your LinkedIn company page which encourages followers for higher engagement of your brand’s messaging and heightened distribution among your employee’s and followers’ networks.

On the tenth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the influence of a group.

Encourage all employees to follow your company page, and add it as a link on their current position within their personal profile. The more employees that engage with your content, the wider your reach will be across LinkedIn.

On the eleventh day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the art of the digital wave.

Use the @name to tag people when you share a significant comment on another’s leader update, to make sure they see your addition to the conversation. You can also use a question to incite a response. The more you engage with the platform, the more it will engage with you.

On the twelfth day of LinkedIn-mas, RésuméLinkup gave to me: the true worth of your network.

If the lifetime value of a new client is more than $1,500.. LinkedIn gives you an avenue to advertise a hyper-targeted message to your perfect prospect. Thanks to the new Microsoft integration, there is now the added feature of retargeting your existing contact lists as well!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I wish you a peaceful end to 2021, and an exciting start to 2021. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your career goals for this year, and how I can help get you and your LinkedIn ready to meet the exciting opportunities ahead.

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