What the (bleep?) My LinkedIn profile inside MS Outlook?

Microsoft plans integration for 2019

Now a Microsoft division, LinkedIn cannot be ignored for leaders who want to stay relevant. One of 3 executives checks LinkedIn daily.

Starting in 2019, an important integration will occur linking your LinkedIn profile and connections within your MS Outlook directory. What?! Yes, that’s right.

Your career credentials on display

  • When you arrange a meeting inside your MS calendar, your LinkedIn profile will be on view. And yes, the other professionals will be viewable who are included in the meeting invite.
  • What’s more, mutual LinkedIn connections will be visible for those included within the meeting.
  • Your invitee(s) can accept the meeting or not, based upon your LinkedIn credentials.
  • Of all the LinkedIn profiles I viewed in preparing this message, 90% of the profiles were skeletal; simply stale cut and paste versions from an out-dated resume.
  • A robust LinkedIn profile will provide a deep overview of your career, your interests, your skills, your client testimonials, your volunteer organizations, your education, your accreditations and much more. (10+ sections.)

Why does it matter? You are providing rationale to your invitee why you are worth meeting.

My award-winning team and I will optimize your LinkedIn profile, and enter all sections, using key-word rich phrases to present your prestigious credentials.

Arrange a discovery call with me for special pricing for an optimized, engaging LinkedIn profile.
Offer ends 1/18/2019.

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