How Executives Use LinkedIn

Why use #LinkedIn to be a Standout Executive? by D. B. Wienke

Many executives are paying attention to their careers in record numbers.

  1. A global technology executive shared that “I have ignored LinkedIn up to now. It wasn’t important enough, so I’ve got a bare-bones profile up. It seems many people are checking me out, and I am failing to impress them.”
  2. A CXO added, “I didn’t make LinkedIn a priority. Our recruiters are saying that my skeletal profile is not providing meaningful content to job candidates looking at the C-suite; I was shocked by this feedback.”
According to a Harvard Business Review study, “When courting outside candidates to fill open roles, retained recruiters often favored executives from GE, IBM, and P&G among others which offered pedigree proof for cultivating conventional skills.”

Unconventional, forward-thinking, savvy solutions have proven to keep firms afloat, not conventional plans.

Your LinkedIn profile is reputation management (demonstrating your agile solutions to the pandemic obstacles) has altered the pedigree requirement.

Why your LinkedIn profile matters.

It’s a trusted business platform. It’s contained within the MSFT firewall. Leaders who can play the role of a corporate statesperson, relying on improved listening skills to resolve the disconnect among teams are the in-demand leaders.


Yes, you need to polish your LinkedIn profile. Improve your candidacy for unadvertised executive positions, even if you need to pivot into a new industry. Or job candidates will be well impressed with the personal profiles of your C-suite.


What is the scope of LinkedIn?

Of the 835MM LinkedIn profiles, the largest user base of LinkedIn executives is located within North America, followed by 4 other geo-specific countries.

LinkedIn Users by Country, top 5
Gather your LinkedIn testimonials from your colleagues to demonstrate your excellence. Here is an excerpt from one of mine:
D. B. Wienke has a keen ability to identify and illuminate [career] accomplishments and craft a clean and consumable narrative: she re-introduced me to my career by pressing for insights, KPIs and creating a plan to focus my energy on my aspirations.”

Your Take-Away

In an increasingly automated world, the essence of being human is becoming more important.

  • Possessing and developing soft skills is valuable not only because of increased machine learning but also because soft skills are transferable across industries if your career needs to pivot.

  • When was the last time you checked your own #LinkedIn profile?

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Sources: HBR article is based on a rich data set drawn from almost 5,000 job descriptions compiled by Russell Reynolds, MSFT Q2, 2022, Forbes

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